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Pinnacle Biosciences is a new age scientific organization with a robust team of biologists and researchers. We aim to streamline the myriad ways in which algae can be used in our environment offering better health and productivity to plants, animals, and humankind. The seaweed research and nutrition products wings of Pinnacle Biosciences are in a constant endeavor to redefine nutrition and deliver excellence.

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Plant Nutrition

Give you plants a new leash of life with the perfect nutrition it requires to grow and thrive well with our range of advanced and highly effective seaweed plant nutrition products. Pinnacle Biosciences presents the best quality seaweed that promises the ideal amount of trace minerals and complex carbohydrates, just the way your plants would need them.

Organic Plant Fertilizer
Organic Animal Feed Supplement

Animal Nutrition

Pinnacle Biosciences presents the most powerful nutrients for your animals in our latest range of seaweed animal nutrition products. A powerhouse of antioxidants, our products assure high-level immune powers and safeguard your lovable pets from diseases, and promise an improved lifespan. Get your Pet this Power-Packed health food today.  

Aqua Nutrition

Pinnacle Biosciences presents the best nutrition for your friends in the aquarium. Our Seaweed aqua nutrition products ensure that all your aquatic friends get the right nutrients just as they would in their natural habitat. Get our aqua nutrition products and make your aquarium thrive healthily.  

Organic Aqua Feed Supplement
Organic Human Nutrition

Human Nutrition

Pinnacle Biosciences presents a powerhouse of nutrients in our latest range of seaweed human nutrition products. Our seaweed products contain the best of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to pump up your immunity, improve metabolism and give a high dose of energy throughout the day. Get healthy! Get our seaweed range designed especially for you.  

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    Research and Development

    Our team of experts spends their time and mental faculties in seaweed research and development in the effort to maximize the use of algae-based nutrition.

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    Our constant efforts are to deliver more powerful and efficient seaweed nutritional supplements contributing positively to the health of animals, plants and humans alike.


    Pinnacle Biosciences constantly strives to deliver the highest quality seaweed products in the market made from authentically sourced algae.

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    Pinnacle Bioscience takes all measures to manufacture and deliver the best seaweed products that you can find in the market. Unparalleled Quality in our products is our promise to customers.  

    License and Certificate

    Our Quality Control department has laid down stringent norms to ensure that only certified organic seaweed extracts are used in all products manufactured to ensure we deliver the best.  

    Expertise and Count

    Pinnacle Biosciences has a dedicated R&D team that is constantly working on seaweed research and utilization in its effort to deliver the best quality products to its customers.  

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