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We are an emerging energetic, experienced and intellectual team of biologist working on the exploration of algae and its utilities. The algae, aptly defined as “Renaissance of the future”, is gaining importance due to the day-to-day changes in the lifestyle of society. Our team is on the exploration and identification of different types of algae of major commercial benefits. Our team is working on various research & development aspects of algae pragmatically in bringing out superior quality products. The development of superior quality products of high definition using native samples is the need of today for a brighter tomorrow. Developing such products includes various processing stages to bring out a stable commercial product.

Seaweed Research and Development
Organic Spirulina Nutrition products

Our Vision

To be one of the biggest players in the algal Nutrition and health care. To tape all the possibilities in algae biology and chemistry. Planning to establish world’s largest algal laboratory and indoor cultivation facility.

Our Mission

  • To eradicate protein mal nutrition through algal technology.
  • To support the talents in rural India.
  • To develop and support young entrepreneurs in the field of Life Sciences.
  • To obtain green energy and ecosystem through Algal technology.

Organic Spirulina Supplement
100% Natural Algae Nutrition

Premium Quality

These products are having versatile usage right from agricultural to pharmaceutical industries. Based on the research carried out in our center we had established a Hi-Tech Production Facility in 2012 that had launched indigenous high efficient products like Organic Input Fertilizers, animal & Aqua Feed additives, Food Grade Algal polysaccharides and High Protein Spirulina. We have a success of fulfilling our Client’s needs through our wide range of Organic Input Products. Our products have proved to give better yield with good quality without any harmful effects to the mankind.

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