Seacidal Oil Product

Seacidal Oil organic animal fly repellent is perfect for your livestock and farm animals. This oil is 100% organic and made with potent and powerful ingredients like methylated neem, pongamia oil, and several other essential oils of high nutritional value. Scientists at Pinnacle BioSciences have developed this revolutionary product to help you maintain optimum hygiene and ensure perfect sanitary conditions.

Seacidal Oil organic animal fly repellent protects your livestock and other domestic animals from air and waterborne infections and even infections that are likely to spread through animal feed. It prevents diseases from spreading through insects like flies, ticks, and maggots. The oil can be used to clean the farm and create a sterile environment for animals. Pathogens cannot survive in a hygienic environment created by Seacidal Oil.

I. Benefits of Seacidal Oil Organic Animal Fly Repellent Include:

  • Effectively kills harmful bacterial, fungal & viral infections
  • Fights mastitis in cattle
  • Best for udder hygiene in cattle
  • Antiseptic, antimicrobial neem helps in healing wounds
  • Removes odour
  • Best for cattle & poultry farm hygiene


  • Methylated neem, pongamia oil and other essential oils rich in volatile fatty acids


  • 0.25ml /litre of water


  • Shake well before use
  • For best results, use weekly once