Algae Gel Animal Feed
(Algae Extract Gel) Natural Mineral & Polysaccharides

Cool Gel is an organic extract derived from Red, Brown and Green versatile and nutritional Marine Algae and Alovera. It is a concentrate gel and is processed hygienically to meet the needs of Animal, Poultry and aquaculture industries. It is to be mixed either with the feed or drinking water before feeding the animals. Cool Gel addition to the feed or water had proven decrease in body temperature and keeps the internal system cool by binding the water in the intestine.

  • It improves the Immunity in Birds.
  • It is to reduce the stress in birds.
  • Reduces the intensity of heat stroke.
  •  It increases the FCR ration by 10 times.

Algal ingredients: Sargassum sp., Gracillaria sp., Kappaphycus sp., Turbinaria sp.,.,Ulva sp., Thalassia sp.and Alovera. Rich in trace elements and minerals and seaweed Polysaccharides.



  • 10ml for 100 birds/ Day, From 30th day


  • 5ml for 100 birds/day during extreme climates

Parents in Hatcheries

  •  5ml for 100 birds/ Day during extreme climates.

Country Chickens

  • 5ml for 100 birds/ Day during extreme climates.

Other Birds & Pets

  • 2-3ml for 100 birds /Day during extreme climates.
Note :

Shake well before use
For Best Results use Daily

Caution :

Store in a Cool & Dry Dark Place
Keep Out of Children