Seaweed Supplement for Chickens
(Algae Extract Liquid) Natural Mineral & Micro Nutrient Supplement

SEAVET BIRD is an organic extract derived from Spirulina, Red, Brown and Green versatile and nutritional Marine Algae. It is a concentrate liquid and is processed hygienically to meet the needs of Animal, Poultry and aquaculture industries. It is to be mixed either with the feed or drinking water before feeding the animals. Mixing the algae extract in the feed increases the palatability of the feed and increases feed uptake. Algae extract addition to the feed or water had proven increase in weight of the birds, fertility, egg & meat yield.


  •  It improves the Immunity in Birds.
  •  It increases the weight of the birds.
  •  It is supposed to reduce the stress in birds.
  •  Reduces the intensity of heat stroke.
  •  It increases the palatability of the feed.
  •  It increases the FCR ration by 10 times.
  •  It increases the Egg Size & Laying.
  •  It intensifies the egg yolk colour in Poultry.
  •  It increases the fertility in birds.
WHY Algae Extract?

As it is sourced from Marine origin it is rich in mineral and micro nutrients. Naturally the minerals in the marine algae are in high concentration to keep it safe from osmotic lysis. On the other side high concentration of minerals would be lethal to the algae itself so it chelates the minerals to protect the cells from the high concentrated minerals. This is how we get a naturally chelated micronutrient from algae. Hence the bioavailability of minerals to the animal & birds is high from the algal sources.


Algal ingredients: Sargassum sp., Gracillaria sp., Kappaphycus sp., Turbinaria sp., Spirulina sp.,Ulva sp., Thalassia sp. Rich in trace elements and minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Silica, Zinc, Iodine, Borax, Sodium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, selenium etc… and amino acids, growth promoters, enzymes, Pigments and vitamin Precursors & B12.



  • 10ml for 100 birds/ Day.


  • 5ml for 100 birds/ Day.

Parents in Hatcheries

  • 5ml for 100 birds/ Day.

Country Chickens

  •  5ml for 100 birds/ Day.

Other Birds & Pets

  • 2-3ml for 100 birds /Day.


  •  0.1% in any feed formulation
Note :

Shake well before use

For Best Results use Daily

Caution :

Store in a Cool & Dry Dark Place

Keep Out of Children