Seaweed Aqua Feed Supplements

SEAGEL is an unique organic extract derived from Red, Brown and Green versatile and nutritional Marine Algae. It is a concentrate gel rich in Minerals, Trace Elements and Antioxidants which is processed hygienically to meet the needs of aquaculture industries. Unlike other Seaweed products in the market our gel does not dissolve in water and remains long lasting and releases the nutrients slowly into the water which can be easily available to the Phytoplankton’s and Zooplanktons. The minerals released from the gel are also absorbed by the animals in the aqua system. It increases & strengthens the algal biomass in the water and indirectly utilizes ammonia and Carbon di oxide as nutrient source. It is one of the best soil conditioner and stabilizer available today. It is fast acting and generally its effects are fairly quick to notice and long lasting. When applied with probiotics, the microbial activity is increased as it acts as a potential source of minerals and trace elements. The algal gel fertilizer is super-acting and should be part of a regular feeding program.

  • Develops healthy & stable algal bloom.
  • It develops faster growth of Diatoms and Zooplanktons.
  • It acts as an anti-stress agent that keeps the animals relaxed in the system.
  • No residual development at pond bottom.
  • Unlike other products ours is an algal extract gel and hence does not add any organic load to the aqua system.
  • Improves microbial property of pond soil.
  • Enhances the probiotic property when applied with probiotics.
  • It is cost effective and long lasting.

Algal ingredients: Sargassum sp., Gracillaria sp., Kappaphycus sp., Turbinaria sp., Spirulina sp.,Ulva sp., Thalassia sp.

Rich in trace elements and minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Silica, Zinc, Iodine, Borax, Sodium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron etc… and amino acids, growth promoters, enzymes, Pigments and vitamin Precursors.


For best results apply 4Kg/Acre or 10Kg/Hectare in 15 days intervals or when bloom decreases.

  •  Gel can be mixed with medicine and probiotics or any microbial cultures.