Seasap Aqua Product

Your fish, shrimp ponds, and commercial aquatic plants need that perfect combination of nutrients and supplements for healthy growth. Pinnacle Biosciences presents Seasap Aqua Organic Supplement, a powerful micronutrient that addresses all nutritional requirements of your aquatic friends. Seasap Aqua Organic Supplement is 100% organic and developed by combining potent and effective supplements like red, brown, green and blue-green algae that provide your marine life with micro and macronutrients and anti-oxidants.

Add Seasap Aqua Organic Supplement with your regular feed and witness your aqua farm grow in abundance.


  • Sargassum sp
  • Gracillaria sp
  • Kappaphycus sp
  • Turbinaria sp
  • Spirulina sp
  • Ulva sp
  • Thalassia sp