Sealina Boost Natural Fertility

Sealina Boost natural fertility supplement is an excellent product for men to overcome various problems, including fertility, muscle weakness, low sperm count, and abnormal hormonal function. Specific medicinal compounds in Sealina Boost enhance male hormone levels and help manage infertility issues. Our natural fertility vitamins are formulated from a combination of algae, viz. red, brown, green and blue-green seaweed from the Indian Ocean and Cordyceps sp., a medicinal mushroom. Cordyceps sp. has been proven to impact male wellbeing and improve sexual function positively. Our product helps balance testosterone levels and supports healthy libido in men.


Sealina Boost, when combined with a healthy lifestyle for 90 days, helps manage infertility complications. Our organic fertility booster supplement offers 7 benefits:

  • Promotes sex hormone levels
  • Improves muscle strength and endurance
  • Assists with weight management, blood pressure, and sugar levels
  • Helps manage problems related to ejaculation and low sperm count
  • Improves performance and increases sexual drive
  • Supports mental health
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Ideal kidney tonic
  • Revitalizes the sex glands and reproductive systems


  • Sealina Boost natural fertility supplements consist of natural organic blends of marine algae and medicinal mushrooms.
  • Algae utilized in this product are Gracillaria sp., Asparagopsis sp., Hypnea sp., Turbinaria sp., Spirulina sp., and Cordyceps sp.


  • 2-4 Capsules per day.