Sealina Gold Nutrition Supplements

Sealina Gold immune booster supplement combines marine algae nutrients that address the specific nutritional needs of adults. It specifically caters to all dietary requirements of an adult. Marine algae are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants and are easily digestible. These minerals help the body absorb proteins, thereby enhancing metabolism. It boosts immunity and raises WBC (white blood cells). Besides building the body’s immune system, it also helps manage stress.

Sealina Gold immune booster supplement’s unique immune-boosting ingredients keep you away from infections, restore immunity, and reduce frequent illness. We make sure that our product is supreme in quality and is properly tested.


  • Regulates Overall Health: It helps improve overall body function. This is good for women and men, helping to give better stamina.
  • Fights Seasonal Infections: Since marine algae are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, it helps reduce the onset of flu and seasonal infections. Keeping the body more robust helps intensify the body’s defense systems.
  • Improves Memory: Improves cognitive ability, making you alert, focused, and sharp. It helps improve concentration and grasping power.
  • Fights Sleeplessness: Fighting insomnia can help multiple diseases. A healthy sleep pattern helps instill vitality and vigour while fighting tiredness and weakness.
  • Nutrient Powerhouse: Since marine algae are rich in antioxidants, they provide essential energy, regenerate your cells, and detoxify the blood.
  • It can lower bad cholesterol such as LDL and triglycerides levels.
  • It maintains blood sugar and blood pressure.


Active ingredients combined in Sealina Gold immune booster supplements include: Gracillaria sp., Asparagopsis sp., Hypnea sp., Turbinaria sp., Spirulina sp., and Corallina sp.


  • 2-4 Capsule per day