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Seaweed is an excellent natural vitamin mineral supplement. It is an excellent source of iodine and has significant bone-building minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. They are veggies from the sea that could be a staple in our diet.

Seaweed is an umbrella term for different algae and marine plants that grow along rocky shorelines worldwide. Some of the common edible algae include, red (Rhodophyta), green (Chlorophyta), blue-green, and brown (Phaeophycean) algae.

Improves Thyroid Function :

Thyroid plays a crucial role in overall health, with iodine being a critical ingredient in its ability to function correctly. Insufficient iodine affects your ability to make enough thyroid hormone – a condition called hypothyroidism. It regulates many bodily functions, including metabolism. Without enough iodine, you may develop goitre, a visible thyroid enlargement. Iodine deficiency also impacts children during development, both in the womb and during early childhood.

Since the body doesn’t make iodine on its own, you need to get it from food sources or supplements. Brown algae, one of the key ingredients in Seasap Gold Micronutrient Supplement helps regulate iodine to ensure normal thyroid function. We’ve taken great care to ensure our natural vitamin mineral supplement meets only your daily recommended limit for iodine intake, and not more.

May Improve Gut Health:

Seasap Gold Micronutrient Supplement is derived from red, green, and brown algae – seaweeds that could improve gut health & help manage conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and ensure healthy sleep. Seaweed has carrageenan, agar, and fucoidan, i.e., extracts that act as prebiotics that feed the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. Sulphated polysaccharides (sugars found in seaweed) help increase the growth of good bacteria and increase short-term fatty acids that keep the lining of your gut healthy.

Improves Heart Health:

Some studies show that when included in a natural vitamin mineral supplement, seaweed may reduce blood pressure and LDL cholesterol and reduce total cholesterol levels. Results on humans are promising, but more research is needed in this aspect.

Seaweed is a low-calorie nutritious food that provides nutrients not often found in plant food, such as iodine, B12, and vitamin D. It is a good source of calcium, folate, and magnesium. Besides iodine and iron, Seaweed is a rich source of calcium, folate, and magnesium.

Seaweed has become an increasingly popular ingredient in cuisines all over the world. It’s the best dietary source of iodine, which helps support your thyroid gland. It also contains other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, B vitamins, zinc and iron, and antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage.

Seaweed has rich medicinal properties that can clear heat, transform phlegm, soften hardness, and dissipate nodules. They can also promote urination and reduce edema. In clinical practice, they are often used together to treat nodules such as goitre and scrofula.

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