Indo Kelp Product

Pinnacle Biosciences presents Indokelp Organic Fertilizer, a wholesome and uber nutritious 100% supplement derived from potent brown marine Indian algae. It is rich in natural alginate, which helps bind soil crumbs together. It also replenishes and boosts the intake of various nutrients, trace elements, growth hormones, and amino acids in plants.

Indokelp Organic Fertilizer is water-soluble and hence easy to penetrate the surface cell of plant roots, allowing them to absorb nutrients in the seaweed extract powder effectively.


  • Strengthens immunity in plants
  • Helps in better absorption of nutrients and improves plant quality
  • Enhances growth and improves colour, texture, & quality in flowering plants
  • Prevents buds and fruits from withering
  • Improves seed germination
  • Fosters healthy plant growth
  • Strengthens plant shoot and root system


  • Sargassum sp. & Turbinaria sp.






 1.  Alginic acid 19.1%
2. Protein 8.5%
3.  Fat  1.15%
4. Potassium  28.45%
5. Phosphorous  2690ppm
6. Calcium  9410ppm
7. Magnesium  11100ppm
8. Sodium 34000ppm
9. Iron  1400ppm
10. Zinc  950ppm
11. Copper 3.8ppm
12.  Manganese 62ppm
13. Boron 48ppm



  • 1 Kg of product / acre of land
  • Coconut tree usage -10-15g /tree