Probio Product

ProBio Organic Fertiliser is an excellent seafood-based advanced supplement derived from shrimp, fish and crab extracts. It is rich in organic amino acids, enhancing growth, flowering and fruit setting.


  • Improves crop yield
  • Builds immunity and resistance in plants
  • Strengthens the root and shoot system
  • Enhances the colour of leaves, helping in the respiratory process and photosynthesis
  • Enhances seed germination


  • Shrimp extract
  • Fish extract
  • Crab extract


  • For vegetables, greens and flowering plants- dilute 5-10ml of ProBio in 1 litre of ordinary water and apply as a foliar spray (Use 1-2 litres of ProBio in 200 litres of water/acre).
  • For soil application – 15-20 litres of ProBio organic fertiliser per acre.

IV. Note :

  • Use with PowerMax for best results
  • Ideal to be sprayed early morning or evening hours