Algae for Anti Cancer
Algae For Anti Cancer

Algae-derived bioactive compounds have been found to have anti-cancer properties.... There’s a huge body of research on the effectiveness of micro-algal extracts in enhancing the body’s ability to arrest cell growth and activating the body’s immune system.

Algae for Anti Diabetes
Algae For Anti Diabetic

Micro-algae like wakame, nori, sea lettuce, etc., are rich in fibre which in turn... helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. A recent study on rats found that sargassum oligocystum helps reduce diabetes risk factors such as inflammation and insulin insensitivity.

Fungal Mycelium for Protein Food
Fungal Mycelium For Protein Food

Fungi-based protein is an excellent alternative for vegetarians and vegans... looking for meat-alternative protein sources. Mycelium refers to root-like structures that form on a fungus – they are used to create a wide range of products, including sustainable meat alternatives. In fact, plant-based proteins are referred to as mycoprotein

Haematococcus Pluvialis
Haematococcus Pluvialis Report

Haematococcus Pluvialis is a green microalga rich in bioactive compounds such as... astaxanthin, carotenoids, proteins, lutein, and fatty acids. Researchers are looking at the potential benefits of astaxanthin as an anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. It is also an essential element in animal & aquaculture feed.

Marine Algae Cultivation
Marine Algae Cultivation

Marine algae are a rich source of chlorophyll and are widely used as a food source for humans and ...animals. They are also an excellent source of beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A that helps with eye health, immune system, and healthy skin.

Micro Algae Cultivation
Micro Algae Cultivation

Microalgae are rich in bioactive compounds like carotenoids, phytosterols, polysaccharides, and ... fatty acids, improving health and building the immune system. They are used as food supplements and flavoring agents and are even suitable for the skin.

Algae Research and Supplements
Mineral Extraction From Algae For Human Food Supplement

Marine algae are rich in essential minerals such as sodium, calcium..., potassium chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, and micronutrients such as iodine, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, and molybdenum, manganese, boron, and nickel.

Organic Fertilizer
Organic N Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are cost-effective and hence soil quality without degrading the ecosystem. Algae can be used as an eco...-friendly alternative to synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Algae break down to release macronutrients and micronutrients into the soil. They are also a good source of potassium and have great anti-fungal benefits.

Protein Feed from Algae
Protein Feed From Algae

Microalgae are an excellent source of protein and a cruelty-free alternative to conventional protein sources like ...meat, fish, and milk. Organic blue-green algae such as spirulina, chlorella, etc., are commonly used as food supplements and alternative meat products.