Biomix Granules

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BIOMIX is an all-purpose organic fertilizer derived from vermicomposting, seaweed extract, humicacid, bokashi, fish amino acids and Most Beneficial Microbes. It is the sole Nutrition containing all the necessary nutrients the crop or plantneed.It increases & strengthens the rhizosphere area of the root. Apart from fertilizer, it is an excellent soil conditioner and stabilizer. It also has highwater retention property.


  • Vermicomposting.
  • Pressmud Compost.
  • Humic Acid.
  • Zinc solubilizing bacteria.
  • Lignin degrading fungus.
  • Photosynthetic bacteria.
  • Cellulose degrading fungus.


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  • Increase the yield.
  • Our unique formulation induces drought resistant.
  • Strengthens the Rhizosphere.
  • Condition & moisturethe soil.
  • Increases Organic load in the soil.
  • Increases Water Holding Capacity of the soil.
  • Strengthens the roots and its absorption.
  • Strengthens the plant shoot system


Apply as basal application by Broadcasting
For all kinds of Vegetables, Greens, Tea, Coffee and Flowering Plants: Broadcast 200Kg/Acre.
For paddy and Pulses: Broadcast 200Kg/Acre.
For Coconut: Broadcast 5Kg/Tree.
Banana and other annual and perennial trees: Broadcast 2-3Kg/Tree.
Used in kitchen Gardens, Roof Gardens and poly houses: For best results apply 25-50gms/Bag.


Store in cool & dry place
As it is an organic product the colour and smell may vary.

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