Sealina Boost – Capsules

INR 750.00

SEALINA BOOST is a tremendous product for men to overcome the problems raised up due to fertility, muscle weakness, low count and abnormal hormonal function. Sealina Boost is formulated from the natural resource enriched with mineral and vitamin holding Algae (Red, Brown, Green and Blue-Green Algae) from the Indian Ocean, added to it spectacular medicinal mushroom Cordyceps sp.


  • Marine Algae.
  • Medicinal Mushroom.
  • Gracillaria sp.
  • Asparagopsis sp.
  • Hypnea sp.
  • Turbinaria sp.
  • Spirulina sp.
  • Cordyceps sp.


The specific medicinal compounds present in this product enhances male hormone level and unravels the infertility issues. Mushroom Cordyceps sp has been proven to have a beneficial impact on male wellbeing by improving and solving the difficulties with sexual function. Our product helps in balancing testosterone levels and assists with relaxation, physically and mentally and supports healthy libido in men.


Consuming SEALINA BOOST along with healthy life style for 90 days, eliminates the complications of infertility. It has 7 very specific benefits as follows,

  • Promotes the level of Sex Hormones.
  • Improves Muscle Strength and Endurance.
  • Assist with general health including Weight Management, Blood Pressure and Sugar level.
  • Eliminates the problems such as Difficulty with Ejaculation, Sperm Count and Improving Performance and Increasing Drive.
  • Supports in the Development of Mental Health.
  • Improves Blood Circulation and act as a good Kidney Tonic.
  • Revitalize the Sex Glands and Reproductive Systems.


  • 2-4Capsulesper day.